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Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport: Expert Advice from USA Car Delivery

June 25, 2023

Smooth Car Shipping Tips: Expert Advice from USA Car Delivery

Smooth Car Shipping Tips: Expert Advice from USA Car Delivery

Planning to ship your precious vehicle across the country? Get ready for a smooth car shipping experience with these expert tips from the folks at USA Car Delivery.

Understanding the Process of Car Shipping

Navigating the Seas of Car Shipping

So, you’ve decided to trust the professionals with your baby, and that’s a smart move. But before you do, let’s break down the car shipping process a bit. From booking your shipment to the moment your car is safely delivered, there’s a lot that happens in between.

  1. Pro tip: Think of it like planning a road trip, but you’re not the one doing the driving.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Think of your car as a moving van for this trip – it’s not the time to see how many personal items you can cram inside. Remove any valuables and personal items because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t leave your laptop unattended at a rest stop, right?

Personal story: I once shipped my friend’s car, and he forgot to remove his golf clubs. Long story short, one of the clubs broke during transport – lesson learned.

Fluids and Leaks

Check under the hood and make sure all your fluids are at the right levels. The last thing you want is a leak during transport. Fix any leaks before shipping to avoid a mess upon arrival.

Battery Check: Ensure your battery is in good shape. A dead battery can cause unnecessary delays, and no one wants their car stranded at a shipping depot.

Tire Pressure Matters: Properly inflated tires are crucial. It’s not just about avoiding flats; it also helps with the load distribution during transport.

Empty the Trunk

Remember Mary Poppins’ magical bag? Your trunk isn’t magical, and overpacking it might lead to damage. Clear it out to avoid any surprises.

Secure Loose Items: Imagine your car as a roller coaster – anything loose might become a projectile during transport. Secure loose items to prevent damage to your car or someone else’s.

Documentation is Key: Before your car goes on its adventure, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready. You don’t want to be scrambling for your registration when the driver arrives.

Choosing the Right Car Shipping Company

Finding the Captain for Your Ship

Selecting the right company is like choosing the captain for your ship. You want someone experienced, reliable, and trustworthy.

When it comes to car shipping, trust your vehicle with the seasoned experts at USA Car Delivery. Our commitment to excellence ensures a reliable and stress-free journey for your precious cargo.

Do Your Homework


Research, research, research. Read reviews, check their track record, and maybe even ask friends for recommendations.

For thorough reviews, explore experiences on Google and Trustpilot. Your due diligence ensures a well-informed decision for a smooth car shipping experience.

License and Insurance

Make sure the company is licensed and insured. You wouldn’t let an unlicensed driver take your car for a spin, right?

Understanding the Fine Print: Read the terms and conditions carefully. It’s not the most thrilling read, but it’s essential. You don’t want any surprises along the way.

Communicating with the Shipping Company

Accurate Info Matters

Provide accurate details about your vehicle. A truck meant for a compact car won’t be thrilled to carry your oversized SUV.

Special Requests? Speak Up!: Got a quirky request or some special considerations? Let them know upfront. It’s better to discuss it beforehand than deal with surprises later.

Ask Questions: Don’t be shy – ask questions. How will they handle your car? What’s the expected delivery time? The more you know, the smoother the process.

Scheduling and Logistics

Timing is Everything

Plan your shipment well in advance. Last-minute decisions might limit your options and could lead to delays.

Prepare for the Unexpected: Life happens, and sometimes, delays are unavoidable. Be ready for a detour and understand how to handle it without losing your cool.

Insurance Considerations

Understanding the Basics

Know what insurance coverage the shipping company provides. It’s like having a safety net for your car.

Go the Extra Mile: Consider additional insurance options for extra peace of mind. It might seem like overkill, but trust me, you’ll be glad you did if anything unexpected occurs.

Personal story: I opted for additional insurance when I shipped my wife’s vintage Porsche, and it turned out to be a lifesaver when a minor bump happened during transport.

After-Transport Inspection

Post-Transport Inspection

Take a good look at your car. Check for any damages and document them. It’s like a post-trip inspection after a long drive.

Reporting Damages: If you spot any issues, report them immediately. The sooner you let the shipping company know, the smoother the resolution process.

Customer Service Matters: Dealing with damages can be stressful, but a reliable shipping company will have excellent customer service to guide you through the process.


In the world of car shipping, a little preparation goes a long way. By following these tips, you’re not just shipping your car; you’re ensuring it has a smooth, stress-free journey.

So, buckle up, enjoy the ride, and trust your wheels with a reliable and experienced car shipping company like USA Car Delivery. Your vehicle is in good hands – bon voyage!