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What Do You Do With Your Car When You Move?

March 20, 2024

Moving can be very stressful and requires much planning and preparation, especially if you have to transport a car. There are several things to consider when preparing to move, how to plan out each part of the move, how to stay within your transportation budget, and making sure that everything arrives at the destination safely on time. Navigating these challenges requires careful planning and consideration to ensure a smooth and successful move. If you are thinking “What do you do with your car when you move to help everything go a little smoother?” This is the blog for you! Here are some of the ways that you can transport a vehicle and some of the different benefits and drawbacks of each method, so that way you can find the best one for your current situation. 

What options are there for transporting a car?


There are effectively three options for transporting a car. Hiring a profession service, driving the car yourself, and towing or renting a car dolly. In this section, we will be highlighting the pro’s and cons of each option.


1. Hiring a Professional Auto Transport Service



One of the primary benefits of hiring a professional auto transport service is its convenience. Instead of driving the vehicle yourself or figuring out other transportation methods, you can schedule your car for pickup and delivery at your convenience. Along with that, professional auto transport services specialize in moving vehicles efficiently and safely thanks to the skill of professional drivers. When the vehicle is professionally transported it saves a lot of wear and tear on the car. This is ideal for long drives, especially for valuable or classic cars. On top of all that, auto transport companies typically provide insurance coverage for the vehicles they transport which gives you peace of mind if anything is lost or damaged. 


The main downside to hiring a professional auto transport service is the cost. It can be more expensive than other options, especially for shorter distances. The cost of transportation can change depending on things such as distance, vehicle type, and transportation method that was chosen by the customer. Another con is that availability may be limited especially during peak moving seasons. This could also cause delays in pickup or delivery. You also don’t have complete control over your car even with set delivery times. Another thing you need to make sure you pick the right transport service. Choosing a reliable and trusted auto transport service requires research and comparison. Not all companies offer the same level of service, and selecting the wrong provider could result in a bad experience or additional stress.


2. Driving the Car



The main benefit of driving the car yourself is that you are in complete control of your car and its timing of pickup and delivery. Driving gives you complete control over your schedule and route. You can choose when to depart, take breaks as needed, and adjust your route based on road conditions or personal preferences. This flexibility can be especially advantageous for those with tight timelines. You can feel less stressed when you know exactly what is happening to your car and know that no one else can mess it up. It can also be the cheapest option if you are going short distances. You would only have to pay for what you need and you’ll save on transportation fees and potentially avoid additional expenses such as vehicle rental or shipping insurance.


It is very time-consuming, especially for longer distances. You will have to make plans for the needed rest stops to safely travel because extended periods behind the wheel can be tiring, stressful, and dangerous. Long-distance drives can also increase the wear of your vehicle which includes things like increased mileage, potential mechanical issues, and tire wear. Along with that, you have to pay for the gas which can add up quickly, especially on long cross-country drives.  


3. Towing the Car or Renting a Car Dolly or Trailer



There are different methods you could choose to pull a car. You can get towing equipment, rent a dolly, or rent a trailer. Each method is slightly different but uses the same idea to pull a car behind another vehicle. Similarly to driving the car yourself, towing or using a car dolly/trailer gives you control over your schedule and route. You can choose when to leave, take breaks whenever needed, and adjust your drive based on road conditions or personal preferences. You can also use the pulled car as extra storage to transport more belongings with you. It is a great flexible option for medium or short distances.


Towing or renting a car dolly/trailer can be a bigger safety risk. If the equipment is not set up correctly or if the driver lacks skill then there can be pretty big consequences. However, before that, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and the right vehicle for the job. Towing is not typically suitable for long-distance travel, excessive towing can put a lot of stress on both vehicles being used. Towing a car or using a car dolly/trailer requires legal regulations, including weight limits, towing speed limits, and licensing requirements. Failure to do these things can result in fines or penalties. Having to worry about requirements can add additional stress to the moving process. 


What Factors Should Influence the Decision?

We generally see three factors that influence the decision: Distance, Timeline and Budget. In the section below, we will be highlighting why you might go one way or the other when deciding what to do with your car when you move.

1. Distance


Distance should be one of the biggest factors to consider. Each option works better with different distances. If the method of travel doesn’t work great with the distance then you can suffer many consequences that could have simply been avoided. 


2. Timeline


How quickly the delivery should be done or if you have the time on your hands, should be put into the equation. You must make sure whatever method you choose can fit nicely with your schedule. That is why it is important to properly plan ahead of time and consider the potential delays so everything goes smoothly.


3. Budget


Budget could be one of the most important factors. The goal is to find the best option for your situation for the cheapest price. Breaking down the costs of each transportation method is highly encouraged so you know you end with the best choice. Moving to a new house is already as expensive as it is, so there is no reason to choose the wrong method to make it harder on your budget.  



In conclusion, figuring out the process of moving, especially with a car, requires thoughtful consideration and planning to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you decide to hire a professional auto transport service, drive the car yourself, or tow it with a dolly or trailer, each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Ultimately, factors such as distance, timeline, and budget should influence your decision-making process. By considering these factors you can find the transportation method that suits your needs and ensures a successful move without breaking the bank.