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What Happens in a Transportation Inspection?

April 23, 2024

If you are shipping a vehicle this year, you may be wondering what happens before, during, and after you hand over the keys to a car transport service. Well, one very important step in that process is the transportation inspection. Inspection and compliance are an important part of ensuring that your vehicle gets from A to B unscathed because it affords both you and the shipper peace of mind in case any damage occurs. 

In today’s article, we will go over what to expect from a transportation inspection, give you a better understanding of the purposes behind it, why it is important, and what to look for.

Why Are Vehicle Transport Inspections Important?

Vehicle transport inspections are not only important in the case of an accident but are also very valuable for any sort of incidental damage that might occur. Even the best transport companies cannot 100 percent guarantee cars will arrive unharmed. In addition to unavoidable accidents, there could be flying rocks, inclement weather (including hail), vandalism, and other events that could scratch, ding, or otherwise damage the vehicles in transport. 

But don’t let the chance of harm make you nervous. A vehicle inspection is a way for both the transport company and the customer to agree on the condition of the car before and after transport. The initial inspection allows any damage that may occur (no matter how unlikely) to be quickly identified the moment your vehicle arrives at its target destination. 

If there are any issues or damages that occur during the transportation, vehicle transport companies can offer compensation to the customer for the damage, without debate, through their carrier insurance.  

What Does a Transportation Inspection Involve?

Although the transportation inspection is the final step in preparing your vehicle for shipping, it is often one of the most important. We take our transportation inspection very seriously with a multistep check system. 

External Inspection

First, you and a USA Car Delivery representative will go over the vehicle together thoroughly. Our technician will likely take pictures of all aspects of the vehicle during the inspection. 

We start by first inspecting the vehicle’s exterior – including the body, paint, and any existing dents or dings. 

Then we look at lights, mirrors, windows, wheels, and tires. This helps us to identify and indicate any signs of damage, including scratches and dents. 

Internal Inspection

We will also ensure our inspection will also examine the inside of the vehicle as well, including the dashboard, upholstery, and steering wheel.

We also will make sure the vehicle runs properly. Our technician may look under the hood to get a sense of the engine’s function. They will check for signs of wear on belts, hoses, and electrical components.  

Basic Vehicle Checks 

In some cases, we might check fluid levels and look for corrosion on the battery and cable attachments. Transport staff also may check tire pressure and look for any leaks. 

Once the process is completed, you and our staff will both sign a form indicating the condition of the vehicle and any preexisting damage that was found. They will then ask you to disable any alarms and turn over the keys for the shipping process

Find Quality Auto Transportation Near You

Now that you understand what an automotive transportation inspection entails, you will know what to expect from a reputable transport service. They can walk you through every step of the process to ensure the integrity of your vehicle. 

USA Car Delivery is a premier auto transport provider offering unrivaled customer service and attention to detail. We provide a range of vehicle transportation options, including door-to-door and open transport, to fit every budget.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how to ship a vehicle or for a free quote.