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How much does car shipping cost?

The pricing of auto transport services is determined by prevailing market trends for nationwide vehicle transportation. The total cost offered by auto shipping companies is influenced by various factors, including the specific car being transported, the destination it needs to reach, its size, condition (including any modifications), the distance of transportation, the chosen transport method (open or enclosed trailer), and lastly, the timing of your booking, considering the season.

Weight & Size

Vehicles that exceed standard dimensions in terms of length, height, or weight necessitate special arrangements from car transport companies, which can lead to price variations.

Type of transport

Open transport is the conventional and cost-effective choice, while enclosed transport demands specialized handling, potentially resulting in a distinct pricing structure.

Vehicle condition

Transporting non-functioning vehicles incurs additional costs for car shipping companies due to the need for supplementary tools and labor to accommodate such cargo. However, if your car is capable of rolling, steering, and braking, we can facilitate its transportation.

Do I need enclosed transportation?

If you’re contemplating whether to opt for enclosed car transport or the standard open auto transport, consider the following questions: Are you worried about dust, dirt, pollution, or other debris your car might encounter during transport? Is your car old and/or equipped with a custom or unique paint job? Do you desire extra protection against theft? Do you consider your car an investment? Are you concerned about snow or cold weather?

Factors Formulating the price

The determination of the pricing is something that results after the careful consideration of several key factors including distance,route,type of car,condition and service type and many more on which you can find the information below!


The primary factor in determining a car shipping quote is the total distance to be covered. Longer distances typically result in a higher overall shipping price, but they also offer a reduced cost per mile. Utilizing our car shipping calculator, you can obtain the most favorable quote for your specific vehicle shipment. It is essential to consider that international car shipping prices may vary from those associated with ground vehicle transport.

Shipping date

The timing of your car transport service greatly influences the cost, making it advisable to book as early as possible once you know the need to ship your vehicle. Initiate your research for an auto transport company and request a car shipping quote promptly. Moreover, maintaining flexibility regarding car pick-up dates can often lead to savings in the car transport quote.


In contrast to distance, the term “route” refers to the specific highways and roads used to transport the vehicle. Routes passing through densely populated areas may experience higher levels of traffic congestion, potentially affecting transport duration and shipping expenses.

Year, make and model

When organizing your auto transport, we request precise vehicle specifications to ensure the truck driver is aware of the necessary space for securely securing your car and maintaining appropriate trailer height and side clearance. Longer and taller vehicles may require additional adjustments during transportation, which could slightly affect the shipping costs. Vehicle modifications such as larger tires and roof racks can also contribute to cost variations. For accurate car shipping quotes and to ensure proper fit on the auto transport trailer, please contact us at (224) 366-9890 if you have any vehicle modifications.


If your car is operational, car shippers tend to offer more competitive prices for the designated distance. However, if your car is non-operational but can still roll, steer, and brake, special equipment such as a winch and additional arrangements are needed to load it onto the carrier trailer. This additional handling requirement increases the cost of shipment.

Transport Type

The majority of individuals who ship their cars opt for open car transport, which is the industry norm and the most cost-effective method used by car shippers. However, for added protection during car shipment, we advise considering enclosed car transportation services, which safeguard vehicles from weather elements and debris. Although enclosed auto transport may come at a higher cost, it offers peace of mind, particularly for delicate, exotic, or luxury car transportation.

Vehicle details

The characteristics of your car can influence the quote and overall cost of your car shipment. Factors such as the height, length, and curb weight of the vehicle may necessitate a specialized trailer or trailer type to accommodate its size and weight. In some cases, specific arrangements may be required, such as placing the vehicle in a particular location within the trailer. These considerations may result in the driver accommodating fewer or smaller vehicles to meet special requests and comply with weight limits.


Auto transport carriers are obligated to possess liability insurance, which provides coverage for potential liabilities. While additional cargo insurance is not mandatory by law, it is not commonly offered by many transport carriers. To ensure adequate protection for your cargo, auto shipping brokers can assist you in obtaining cargo insurance and determining the suitable coverage for your needs.

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